AI Course Details

AI AI Coder

  • Duration: 40.00 Hours
  • Course Fee: 2500.00

Eligibility:High School Students

Purpose of the course is to Learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using interactive graphical programming to build vour own Apps, Games, etc.

Module I

Introduction to Al, Applications of Al, Different levels of Al, Approaches to Al, Advantages of Al, Goals of AI, Introduction of machine learning, brief discussion of the classification of machine learning(supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning)

Module II

Introduction of programming language, different types of programming language,
Introduction of Python language, install python and environment setup, variable, data
types, basic input output operations- input() and print(). General structure of Python

Module III

Different operators in python, different control statement in python, List, tuple, Dictionary
and sets, Basic operations of file- open, close, read, write, working with real files

Module IV

Introduction to Al coding platform, Introduction of Pictoblox, download Pictoblox software,
basic elements of Pictoblox, Different block palette, different properties, Introduction to
Face Detection, Understanding the different features & logics of Face detection, Create
exceptional projects using Face detection

Module V

Game development, create animation in Pictoblox, Speech recognition project, object
detection, Facial Expression & Emotion Recognizer Project, Record Video & Capture Images with PictoBlox's Inbuilt Screen

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